Los cables USB Teléfono Celular para iPhone 6 Plus

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Learn More About USB Cables for the iPhone 6 Plus

The iPhone 6 Plus was released in September 2014 to provide iPhone users with a larger screen and a rounded, smooth shape. If you need cables or adapters for charging your mobile device, you can choose from several options that can affect aesthetics as well as the performance of the cable. Below are some of the options you can choose from.

What features are available for the cables?

USB cables for the Apple iPhone include features, such as:

  • Braiding: By mixing nylon with an aluminum shell, braided cords reduce tangling and increase durability.
  • LEDs: You can choose from a single color LED light or multiple colors, and the option to see the lights "move" toward the phone as they charge or sync.
  • Magnets: The automatic positioning of the cable reduces wire fraying and eliminates the need to insert the cable manually.
What are the specifications for the iPhone's power cables?

The USB cables and adapters for the iPhone vary in length. The 1-foot cables are ideal for portable batteries when you're on the go, while 10-feet cables are ideal when the charger is a good distance away from you. The weight varies based on the material, but they generally weigh between .25 and .50 pounds. The USB cable is less than an inch thick. The USB cord itself is usually made of nylon to prevent tangling.

What is a Lightning cable for iPhone devices?

Since 2012, Apple has used the proprietary Lightning USB system to charge their devices, and sync them to hard drives or printers. These are 8-pin USB models which are designed to fit and work properly regardless of whether it is inserted face up or down. The Lightning USB adapters are designed to work for all models of the iPhone created after, and including, the iPhone 5. While the length of the cord itself can vary, the plug itself is tiny. It has dimensions of only 6.7 mm by 1.5 mm.

What brands of the USB charger cable are available?

While the iPhone 6 Plus uses the proprietary Lightning model, you can use USB chargers from brands such as Samsung, Apple, Hoco, and generic brands. The Lightning port is compatible with an adapter that attaches to a basic USB cable, allowing you to charge your iPhone 6 with a USB from almost any brand.

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