Marco de teléfono celular para iPhone 6

Cell Phone Frame for iPhone 6

A cell phone frame can provide a number of benefits for smartphone users looking for additional protection. The frame can be used to hold the phone in any given position, so as to allow you to better enjoy looking at photos, watching videos, or even using a map for navigation. A frame can also provide additional protection to the mobile phone.

What materials are these frames made of?

These frames are designed to emulate those found on original iPhones. The intended purpose of the hardware is to replace damaged pieces on older devices. As such, the frames are constructed with a mixture of different metals and plastics. This is often contingent on the frame in question.

Some options are made entirely out of plastic. The plastics are melted and formed at extremely high temperatures and are designed to withstand potentially large impacts. Metal options are a more accurate representation of the hardware found originally on most Apple devices. Metal frames are glossy and speckled to as to best represent their source material.

What colors and styles are the frames available in?

The frames are available in a number of different styles. Most emulate the original iPhone 6, and as such feature a metal aesthetic. The metal is polished to shine more than it would otherwise. These metal options are available in a few different colors: black, grey, rose gold, and space gray.

Plastic frames are more varied. Because the plastic frames are not attempting to emulate the standard Apple color palette, they have more variety in terms of their aesthetics. Plastic cases are available in the following colors:

  • Sea foam green
  • Bright red
  • Dark blue
  • Pink

Some brighter colors of plastic frames may be more prone to scratching but still add extra protection.

Do the frames have any additional transportation options?

Many of these iPhone 6 frames include additional options for device transportation. Because the hardware is only meant to emulate original Apple hardware, they have taken design liberties and added external features to some models. The most common external option is a strap that allows for the device to be more easily carried.

Some frames have small plastic pieces that can be used to prop the phone into position for media viewing sessions. In some cases, the frames include a replacement screen. These replacement screens are not glass, but they are 1:1 with the original iPhone 6 screen. Plastic screens are suitable replacements for standard options.