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Miscellaneous Cell Phone Parts for Casio G'zOne Phones

Smartphones are made up of many tiny components that can be replaced if they break. Whether you are planning to run a cell phone repair business or just need to fix a tiny broken component on your personal cell phone, it is helpful to have access to a wide variety of cell phone parts. There are many different types of components sold for Casio phones, including smartphone hardware, buttons, and cameras.

What types of cell phone parts are available?

You can find just about any part you could think of for a cell phone, but there are a few types of components that are most commonly sold for replacements and repairs. These are some of the typical cell phone components that are available:

  • Motherboards: The motherboard in a phone is a circuit board that handles the majority of the phone's tasks.
  • Port covers: These are small covers that hook onto the phone to cover the battery door, charge port, and other open areas.
  • Buttons: Cell phone buttons are used for controlling the phones or dialing numbers.
  • Cameras: Camera options can include the camera itself or the housing around the camera.
  • Speakers: Speakers and microphones allow users to make calls or listen to things on the cell phone.
  • Antenna: Though only found on older models, this component can be essential on some devices.
  • Headphone jack: This is the small hole that headphones are plugged into.
What telephones use Casio components?

These types of components are generally made to fit one of the following telephones:

  • G'zOne Ca-201L: This style has components like touchscreens, screen digitizers, cameras, and headphone jacks.
  • G'zOne Commando: Components for the Commando include doors for ports, speakers, cameras, and touchscreens.
  • G'zOne Ravine 2: Options for those who need Ravine 2 components include clock displays, display screens, buttons, and battery doors.
  • G'zOne Ravine: The Ravine includes parts like number buttons, hinges, display screens, and control buttons.
  • G'zOne Brigade: Components for this telephone include antennas, buttons, and clock displays.
What is an unlocked motherboard?

If you have damaged the motherboard in your phone and need a replacement, view the available motherboards to see if the option you are looking at is locked or unlocked. A motherboard that is locked can only get service from the phone carrier company that it is attached to. Unlocked motherboards can be used with services from any company.

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