Cases, Covers & Skins for iPod Nano 7th Generation

Cases to Protect Your MP3 Player and Music Library

Launched by Apple in 2012, the iPod Nano 7th generation player has a tall and sleek design, similar to 5th generation models. The case protects your investment without covering up the home button and app icons. Likewise, you can access the display, FM radio, and other iPod Nano functions while the cover shields your device from damage. 

What Types of Cases Are Available?

  • Fitted: These ultra-slim designs have a seamless appearance to encase the iPod Nano without adding bulk. Moreover, these functional iPod cases protect the edges of the player from bumps and falls.
  • Pouch: Slide your iPod Nano into a protective fabric pouch in solid or patterned designs. A button closure keeps your small MP3 player from falling out.
  • Armband: This type of iPod Nano 7 cases fits snugly around your arm so you can stroll or jog. A clear protective window allows you to see and use the navigation icons so you dont lose any functionality. Theres a separate flap to store your earphone cord.

Are the iPod Cases Made in Different Materials?

  • Leather: Available with a flip-style leather flap, the attractive material protects the iPod Nano 7 screen from scratches and accidental hits. Access your Apple device by unsnapping the closure. Some designs have a detachable wristlet strap or carabiner clip to keep the player secured to your wrist or a backpack.
  • Rigid Plastic: Made from a single piece of polycarbonate plastic, this type of cover may include a built-in clip on the back. You can attach the accessory to clothing to keep your hands free for drinking coffee or using your smartphone while you listen to music.
  • Rubber: These cases for the 7th generation iPod Nano feel stiff but they are shock-absorbing due to their flexibility. This precision molded accessory resists stains, scratches, and dirt. Select cases in vivid colors, basic black, or clear. More specifically, protector cases made from silicone are non-toxic, wipe clean with a damp cloth, and have built-in anti-static protection.

What Noteworthy Features Are Built Into iPod Nano Covers and Cases?

All cases have cut-outs for buttons, the 3.5mm headphone jack, and Lightning port. Use the belt loop and attach the player to your belt so you can mow the lawn and enjoy favorite tunes while youre working, for instance. Furthermore, water-resistant cases with flip covers help keep the device dry during a sudden rainstorm or when you spill a drink. Cases also absorb shock from sudden impacts and dings.

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