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Case Logic Camera Bags

Whether you shoot photographs and videos as a hobby or for work, you may want a carrying case that keeps all of your equipment and accessories in one place. Case Logic makes a wide range of bags designed to store your technology. The selection of camera cases come in many styles and sizes, ranging from backpacks to lens pouches. Case Logic camera cases and bags for accessories are equipped with straps and handles for convenient transport.

What types of camera bags does Case Logic make?

This camera bag company designs a number of different styles in bags and cases for camera, camcorder, laptop, and tablets, including:

  • Action Cam Bag: These bags are suitable for action cameras. They have padded divider walls to protect cameras and zippered compartments, which provide additional storage space.
  • Backpack: Case Logic backpacks are built to safely transport DSLR and other large cameras. These backpacks are roomy enough for a camera and its accessories; they have tripod attachments, exterior pockets, and mesh storage areas. There are also backpacks that are designed to carry laptops and tablets.
  • Camera Case: Case Logic camera cases come in a variety of sizes, from compact cases to hybrid options. There are padded compartments for memory cards, lens caps, and small accessories. These cases come with belt loops, handles, and shoulder straps, giving users a variety of carrying options.
  • Holster Bag: The brand's holster camera bags offer hands-free carrying and can fit a DSLR camera with the lens attached. There are small bags for point and shoot cameras that come with a belt loop or clip.
  • Lens Case: Case Logic lens cases are designed for storing various camera lenses. There are multiple attachment points within the case.
  • Sling Bag: Sling bag cases are larger, like the backpack, and can hold a DSLR camera, a drone, and accessories. The sling bag uses hammock systems that store the camera in a side-entry area for convenient access. These bag styles are also equipped with an innovative padded strap system for comfortable wear.
  • Shoulder Bag: The brand's shoulder bags also offer storage space for large cameras and their accessories. They come with padded compartments and adjustable shoulder straps.
What are these camera cases made of?

The cases are made of long-wearing fabrics, such as:

  • DuraBase Polyester: This polyester is designed for water-resistance.
  • 1680D Polyester: This type of polyester has a thick weave, for enhanced durability.
  • Nylon: Textured nylon is an all-weather material for camera cases and equipment bags.
What extra features do these camera cases have?

Case Logic camera cases are equipped with a number of features, including:

  • Dedicated laptop/tablet compartments
  • Tripod storage areas
  • Waterproof weather covers
  • Water bottle pockets
  • Waist belts
  • Water-resistant bases
What cameras are they equipped to carry?

Case Logic camera cases can be used for:

  • Pro DSLR cameras
  • Standard DSLR cameras
  • Compact System cameras
  • Action-Cams
  • Camcorders