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Carhartt Men's Coats and Jackets

Carhartt men’s coats and jackets are designed to be rugged, durable, and warm. Available in many different sizes, colors, and styles, Carhartt jackets protect against both temperature and precipitation. Quilted lining and stretch paneling are some of the components used to build Carhartt outerwear.

What styles are available in Carhartt men’s jackets?

Whether you are in need of a rain jacket or casual gear, Carhartt makes men’s outdoor apparel for different occasions. Jackets are also rated based on the temperatures for which they are suitable. Some options include the following:

  • Sandstone Sherpa-Lined Sierra: This insulated, wind-resistant garment is made of cotton duck and lined with Sherpa fleece for extra warmth. Quilted fabric inside the sleeves and knit cuffs help to keep heat in and the elements out. The jacket also features inside pockets, a chest pocket, and front pockets.
  • Sandstone Quilted Flannel-Lined Active: Available in neutral colors, this insulated garment is made entirely of cotton sandstone duck canvas for durability. The flannel-lined torso and quilt-lined sleeves keep the coat warm. There are also plenty of pockets, a hood, and a drawstring to ensure storage and protection from precipitation.
  • Full Swing Caldwell: This jacket features insulated stretch panels strategically placed to increase the range of motion for activities like ax swinging. Your shoulders will move freely without the garment riding up in the back. A detachable hood snaps in and out under a corduroy-trimmed collar.
What materials are used to manufacture Carhartt men’s jackets?

Many Carhartt men's jackets feature sandstone duck cotton. Flannel, nylon, and Sherpa are other materials used to craft Carhartt men’s coats. Depending on the particular clothing item, one or all of these materials may be included.

What sizes are available for Carhartt men’s coats?

Most Carhartt outerwear options are available in United States men’s sizes small through 2XL. However, many styles also come in big and tall sizes up to 3XL. Sizes beyond regular or standard lengths and widths allow more individuals to fit comfortably into Carhartt outerwear with the necessary range of mobility for outdoor work.

Are there flame-resistant jackets available?

Carhartt makes several flame-resistant jackets for jobs that require fire safety. Fire-resistant jackets are available in a range of styles from standard Carhartt models to highly visible bright orange coats with silver reflective safety tape. In addition, these jackets feature water-resistant liners to keep moisture outside.

How warm are Carhartt men's jackets?

Carhartt rates coats in terms of mild, cold, and extreme. Coats with extreme ratings will protect against the coldest wintertime temperatures. Extreme jackets typically include a water-repellent shell, arctic-weight insulation, and quilted lining that continues into the jacket hood.

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