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Photographing with Macro and Close-Up Camera Lenses

There are times when you want to capture minute subjects without losing the intricacies of their detailing by just zooming in on them. A fixed focal length FD 90mm, 150mm, or even 180mm lens with macro capabilities can do the job, allowing you to get up close and make tiny subjects appear larger than life. Whether you need Canon FD mount lenses or those that are compatible with the brand's EOS range of camera bodies, there are a wide range of close-up camera lenses with varying apertures and minimum focusing distances.

What Is a Macro Lens?

A macro lens is specifically for close-up photography, allowing you to reproduce small objects at 1:0 or 1:1 magnification on its imaging sensor at the closest focusing distance.

  • Once enlarged, an image captured by a close-up lens can reveal incredible detail and make microscopic insects look like giants.
  • While most compact cameras come with a macro shooting mode, a dedicated close-up lens can achieve a far more impressive image quality, together with aesthetically pleasing bokeh effects when you use wide aperture lenses.

What Should You Look for When Buying a Macro Lens?

Some lenses with a macro label achieve a magnification of around 0.5x, but for achieving top results in close-up photography, look for a lens with at least 1.0x capabilities. Macro lenses are available up to 5.0x magnification, however, these can be difficult to use.

  • When shooting with APS-C format cameras, keep in mind that the magnification of the lens is even greater with your subject filling even more of the frame.
  • One of the most important things to consider when buying an FD close-up camera lens is its focal length and the minimum focusing distance. Those with a longer focal length have a longer minimum focusing distance, which puts more space between you and your subject, while also eliminating the harsh shadows that can result when you have to get your lens too close to your subject to photograph it.

What Is an Extension Tube?

An extension tube is a hollow and light-sealed tube that you place between your camera's mount system and lens to increase the distance between the lens and the focal plane.

  • By doing this, it decreases your minimum focusing distance and allows you to get closer to your subject to replicate the magnification of a macro lens.
  • An extension tube is a good option when you want to experiment in close-up photography without buying another lens. Keep in mind that the image quality may not be on par with a dedicated close-up lens.

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