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Handle Repairs with Canon Digital Camera Screws

Every now and then, your Canon camera might lose a screw or two. If you damage the body and have to replace a part, the camera screws may be lost. Getting the screws needed to complete a camera repair will ensure that you are able to photograph once again.

Where do the camera screws go?

There are camera screws located throughout your camera, depending on the model. As such, you have to be sure you know exactly where the screws go, so you get the right size and design. Some screws have been known to fall out of specific areas of a camera, so you may want to have backups ready just in case.

  • Outside front frame
  • Battery compartment
  • Compact flash compartment
  • Digital screen
  • Bottom hinge
What size is the screw?

The size of the screw used will depend on the part it is near as well as the model of the Canon camera that you have. The size is measured in mm. In order to avoid an annoying inconvenience, you should be certain you have accurately checked the size of the screw that you will need before you make your purchase.

What comes with the screws?

In most instances, you will only get the screws that you need for the specific area that you are repairing. This means you will shop for the replacements based on the part they go into. You will get the number that will keep the part in place, which is usually either two or four.

How are the screws installed on the Canon?

The top of the screw may have a few different designs. The head may have a curved or flat plate on top, which determines if it goes flush with the camera or not. You will need to look at the top of the screw to determine what type of screwdriver you need.

  • A single line: You will need a flathead screwdriver.
  • A cross design: You will need a Philip's head screwdriver.
What does authentic part mean?

An authentic part is the factory replacement item that is manufactured specifically for Canon. These parts are what Canon uses when producing their cameras. You can purchase an authentic part to ensure that it is an exact replica. There are also plenty of manufacturers that produce screws that will provide you with the necessary fit for your camera.

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