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Use Your Canon Camera Charger to Be Photo-ready

If your digital camera battery is out of charge, you could miss a good photo opportunity. You can avoid this problem by keeping your battery full with a camera charger. Canon makes compact plug-in chargers that fit in your camera bag so you always have a way to recharge whether you are at home or out on a photo shoot.

How long does a battery charger take?

Allow three hours to recharge your camera battery. Batteries with smaller capacity take less time while larger ones will likely take longer. Examples of specific Canon chargers and their approximate recharge times are as follows:

  • LC-E4N dual charger for the EOS-1DX: 120 minutes per battery pack
  • LC-E10 for the Rebel: 120 minutes
  • LC-E6 for the EOS-7D: 150 minutes
  • LC-E12E for the EOS-M50: 120 minutes
How do you use a battery charger?

These basic steps work with many camera battery chargers:

  1. Open the battery chamber door on the digital camera.
  2. Remove the battery pack.
  3. Place it in the appropriate charger in the direction indicated by the arrows until it clicks.
  4. Pivot the prongs on the back of the charger to plug-in position and insert it into a standard AC outlet. If your charger has a power cord, plug it into to an electrical outlet.
  5. When the orange recharge light goes out, and the green one lights up, the charge is complete.
  6. Replace the battery in your camera.
How do you determine which battery charger will work?

In many cases, one battery charger model will work with several of the manufacturers camera batteries. Check your users manual to affirm that you are purchasing the correct charger for your camera. If the manual is unavailable, you can also check with the manufacturers website.

What variables affect the battery recharge time?

The ambient temperature and how much of a charge remains in the battery are the main variables that affect battery recharge time. The optimum temperature for efficient recharging is 73 degrees Fahrenheit. Charging in lower temperatures like 50 degrees Fahrenheit or colder can take up to twice as long to charge. Meanwhile, a fully depleted battery takes longer to recharge than a partially depleted one.

How many photos can you take on one battery charge?

The number varies according to the type and capacity of the battery your camera uses. Depending on the model, a Canon digital camera uses either a Li-ion or a NiMH battery. Most of the newer digital cameras are equipped with Li-ion batteries with the exception of Canons NP series, which uses NiMH batteries. The Li-ion battery for the EOS Rebel T6/EOS 1300D will power up to 600 still shots at room temperature via the viewfinder. If you use the flash half the time and the Live View function, that will lower the number of photos to about 180 on a single charge.

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