Los cables USB de la cámara para Sony

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Selecting a USB Cable for Your Sony Camera

Whether you want to transfer an image or video to your computer, use a charger, or would like to charge your camera before a big trip, a USB cable can provide you with the ability to accomplish both of these tasks and more. These cables can be fitted onto both cameras and camcorders. They are also compatible with a wide range of different series of cameras, including Sony Cyber-Shot cameras, Panasonic LUMIX cameras, and Nikon COOLPIX cameras.

What are the different A/V connections available with these cables?
  • Composite/RCA: This is a type of connection that makes use of red, white, and yellow cables. Some USB cables can fit into adapters that hook up to these composite and RCA cords. With many of these cords, a USB cable is found on one end with the RCA connectors on the other end.
  • Multi-connection: This involves any type of cord that includes a USB connector at one end and some other type of connector at the other end, such as a 10-pin A/V jack. There are many different types of multi-connection cables for you to consider.
  • D-Tap: This is a type of cable that can hook up to any D-tap port. They are usually compatible with LED lights and can sometimes be used with specific cameras.
What goes into choosing a cable for a camera?

Selecting a cable can be a lengthy and difficult decision when there are so many factors that are in play. Consider looking at these guidelines to help with your search.

  • Select a length: There are many different lengths available with these cables, usually ranging from a couple of feet to more than 15 feet. See the manufacturer site for details. Consider selecting a length based on where the camera is positioned in accordance with the other device or outlet that you want the cord to hook up to.
  • Select a USB port compatibility: There are many different USB versions, including USB 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0. If your camera makes use of a USB 3.0 port, it is backward compatible with all other USB versions.
  • Match the cable with the digital camera: Before selecting one of these cables, make sure that it will fit into your specific model and series of camera.
How do you keep these cables organized?

When you are using a USB cord for your camera, it can be easy to lose track of the cable if you have a lot of other cords lying around, especially if the cord is situated behind a desk or television set. There are many different methods that you can use to mitigate these issues and take control over your cords, such as using color coded or white labels to mark each specific cord so that they can more readily be identified. If you have a lot of cords that are frequently getting tangled up with one another, you might want to consider using twist ties to place all of the cords together.