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Finding the Right Memory Stick Adapter

Sony is a Japanese corporation that sells a wide variety of different consumer electronics from video games to computers to cameras. Many of these different electronics require a memory card, or memory stick, to store electronic data such as photos, music, game progress, and more. However, some devices use a Sony microSD card, a micro version of Secure Digital card, or SD card, which usually cant be used on a computer. So if you need to upload and edit photos from your camera onto your computer, you might need to buy a microSD adapter.

What Types of Memory Cards are There?

  • SD Cards: These are primary used in small, portable devices, like digital cameras and handheld computers. These run between 16 MB and 1 GB.
  • MicroSD: While much smaller than the SD card, these pack more of a punch. Created to meet the demands of the growing mobile phone industry, the microSD card provides up to 4 GB.
  • Sony Memory Sticks: These are designed for digital cameras and recorders. Most Sony sticks can be used with Memory Stick PRO compatible products so long as you carry an adapter. Some different kinds of Sony Memory Sticks include:
    • Memory Stick PRO which is mostly used in high megapixel digital cameras and camcorders. These have transfer rates up to 480 Mb/s.
    • Memory Stick PRO DUO: Though the Duo is about one-third the size of the PRO stick, it still retains the functionality and speed. These are mostly for smaller devices and can provide a higher capacity for high-resolution images with up to 32 GB of storage space. You may need a Duo adapter if you need to use another device that uses a Sony Memory Stick.

What are Different Kinds of Adapters?

There are two different kinds of microSD adapters that you can use to gain access to the cards files.

  • SD Adapter: An SD card adapter can look similar to regular memory sticks but it contains a small slot that you can stick your microSD card into. The location of this slot varies from adapter to adapter. From there, you can put the adapter into the computers card reader. The reader should be able to read it like a regular memory stick.
  • USB Adapter: A USB adapter uses the USB port of a computer rather than its memory card reader. At the other end of the cable is a slot at the end of the adapter that you can insert the card into.

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