Tubo de extensión de lente de cámara para lentes de montura C

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Capture Enlarged Photo Detail with a C-mount Extension Tube

Zoom in on your still photo subject using a C-mount extension tube to magnify it and emphasize its detail. You can also find extenders for compatible security cameras and movie video recorders.

What is an extension tube?

This photo accessory attaches to your camera between its body and its lens. It will allow you to take a close-up of your subject, and you can fill more of your photo frame with it while retaining its detail. Your foreground will not lose focus when using an extension accessory made for your camera.

What types of extension tubes are available?

You can take pictures using one of two primary types of tubes: straight and bellowed. The straight ones will enable a narrowing of focus straight ahead toward your subject. This will allow you to point out certain parts of an object in your picture and make them stand out in explainer videos. Otherwise, you can use a photo editing program to create cut-outs of these close-ups and arrange them as layers in graphic arts compositions. You can also shoot at different angles with straight tubes. A bellow contracts and expands to provide you a variety of extension lengths for achieving proper focal points. Bellows also allow you some freedom to shoot up, down, left, right, diagonal, and more while standing in one spot.

What capabilities does a C-mount lens extension tube have?

Different cameras have their own capabilities that affect how a C-mount extender works. You can achieve one or more of the following effects using a tube that attaches to your lens:

  • Security camera close-up: Some extenders magnify vital details in surveillance videos. This increases the chance of being able to see someone's face in sharp detail as being recorded on a CCTV device.
  • Sharpened foreground and blurred background: Using your device's infinity focus and exposure settings, you can make your foreground subject clear and blur the background. This will enable you to create varying perspectives at shallow or deep depths of field. This depends on the length of the extension tube and the camera you are using. Some cameras will allow focus to infinity or close to infinity using an extension accessory.
  • Autofocus with an electronic tube: If you have a lens extender that has electrical contacts built into it, you could use autofocus with your extension accessory. This could open up a new facet of creativity for you when shooting close-up subjects.
  • Pentaprism: You can use it to take a picture without inverting the subject in your photo scene. A specialized extender shaped like a square instead of a straight tube or bellow creates this effect.
For what photo subjects are extension tubes typically used?

You can take detailed pictures of butterflies, flowers, bees, grass blades, and more. This camera accessory will also allow you to capture food objects such as sandwiches, casseroles, and fruit while accenting the different colors and textures of each item. In addition, e-commerce photographers oftentimes use lens extenders to take close-up pictures for product showcases.