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What Are EasyShare Camera Docks?

The Kodak company put out the EasyShare digital camera series beginning in 2001. This user-friendly series takes its name from the fact that sharing images doesn't have to be difficult, and using a docking station is one of the ways that's made possible. To that end, there are numerous models of EasyShare cameras along with other compatible peripherals that help to enhance usage and offer flexibility.

What Do Docking Stations Do?

What exactly does a camera dock do? In this case, there are a few ways you can use your EasyShare docking station to add to your photography via your Kodak-brand camera.

  • Look at using the dock as a peripheral that connects your camera to your computer in order to quickly and efficiently transfer your images from your camera to your computer. This process only takes one push of a button, so it's absolutely user-friendly for tech beginners.
  • It allows you to email pictures to friends or relatives, create slideshows, or print photos from your computer, hence the EasyShare name.
  • The camera dock also does double duty as a charging station, and you can leave your camera on the dock in order to charge its rechargeable NiMH battery.

What Are Some Features of Camera Docks?

These handy devices have numerous features that make them a convenient addition to your arsenal of photo equipment and accessories.

  • There's an LED display that lets you know when your pictures are done transferring and lets you know when your camera is fully charged and ready to use again.
  • You can connect the dock to a television to share pictures on the big screen when family comes to visit.
  • These docking stations are compatible with not only many different EasyShare models, but with multiple operating systems, including Windows and iOS. You can even use a separate adapter to ensure it's compatible with even more EasyShare models.

What Comes with Your Camera Dock?

When you purchase a dock in the box, you'll get everything you need to start transferring and sharing your pictures and memories instantly.

  • First, you'll get the dock or cradle itself.
  • The device comes with the software necessary to enable you to use it with your computer.
  • A USB cable comes with the docking accessory in order to connect the dock to your computer; however, you'll have to buy any necessary adapters separately. You'll also need specific A/V cables when you want to hook up the accessory to your television. When you need an extra battery pack, you'll need to purchase that individually as well, and it can come in handy on those long vacations or photo shoots.

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