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Nikon Camera Car Chargers for Photos on the Go

Nikon battery charger products are designed with hardware that recharges a drained camera battery. These units have traditional charging technologies and standard circuits so you can also charge batteries designed for other cameras. Most chargers include the main base unit and a power cord accessory.

What are the camera battery charger product designs?

The base that holds a camera battery has a box frame, and there is an opening on the housing that keeps a battery secured. Along the top of the docking port are charging mechanisms that rest against the electrical pieces on a traditional battery. When you place a drained battery in this dock, the charging process begins. You can monitor the process by checking the indicator light, which is usually found on the upper portion on the base housing. On the back or side on the housing, there is a port for a cord. Dual-design charging products have two docking ports. They also have:

  • Two charging ports.
  • A display panel.
  • A battery indicator light.
What are the design specifications for the electrical pieces?

Mobile car chargers that connect to the base station arent designed with prongs. This means that you cant implement charging procedures using one of these cords in a residential space with a traditional power outlet. In order to use a mobile cord, secure it into the lighter port of a vehicle. Because overcharging is a potential issue, many mobile charging cords for car chargers have a housing thats designed with an indicator light. This color of this light changes when a battery is charged completely. If a battery charger is designed for residential use, a traditional electrical plug with prongs will be included. Depending on the layout of a kit, a mobile power cord option may be included as well.

What are the camera battery charger housing material specs?

All traditional chargers and car chargers are constructed from a solid plastic material. In the docking area, there are battery designs that show how a battery should be docked. The electrical mechanisms that transfer power to a battery are made out of a metal material. If a charger doesnt have a port for a traditional power cord with prongs, there is usually a metal plug on the opposite side of the base housing. Display panels on dual chargers are made out of a thin layer of plastic. Depending on the lighting technology that powers a display, a panel may or may not glow in the dark.

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