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Calvin Klein Suede Casual Loafers and Slip-Ons for Men

Loafer style shoes have a blend of dressiness, comfort, and convenience. Men can wear loafers whenever they want something fancier than a tennis shoe, so loafers match slacks, dress pants, jeans, and many other styles of clothing. In addition to designing accessories and clothing, Calvin Klein suede casual loafers and slip-ons for men are available from the brand.

What is a loafer?

Technically, a men's loafer is simply any type of slip-on shoe that ends beneath the ankles and does not have laces. The style tends to have a moccasin style of construction with a flat tongue and a low heel. These shoes frequently have elastic along the sides to make it easier to pull them on and off. Some may have extra designs along the flat tongue of the shoe.

How do you clean and care for loafers?

Shoes made from fabric can just be washed with soap and water and air dried. However, these shoes are normally made of leather. You will need to take a few additional steps when you are cleaning or storing leather shoes.

  • Brush away dirt: Let any mud dry thoroughly before using a brush to remove debris and grime.
  • Clean remaining marks: Use a soft, damp cloth, or a leather cleaner to get set-in stains out.
  • Condition the material: If desired, apply a leather conditioner designed for the suede or other type of leather used on your loafer.
  • Apply a protective coating: Those who are worried about keeping their shoes clean may want to apply a water-resistant spray.
  • Store wisely: Store on a shoe tree to help the shoes keep their shape. Avoid placing them in the sun or in excessively hot or damp areas.

What styles of loafers are made by Calvin Klein shoes?

There are many designs, ranging from casual variants to dressy shoes. You can find loafers in these designs:

  • Canvas loafers: These have uppers made from a thick fabric, and the soles normally have a rubber finish.
  • Moccasin loafers: The moccasin style of loafer has a stitched seam around the toe and a completely plain exterior.
  • Penny loafers: A penny loafer has a leather strap over the toe. This strap may have a slit in it.
  • Tasseled loafers: Most tasseled designs are made of leather, which stretches along the top of the shoe.
  • Strap loafers: A metal link or a metal bar may stretch in a strap over this style.