Using Cable Clamps That Hold Computer and Car Audio Cords

Cable clamps are devices that hold cables neatly for computers and car audio equipment. These cable accessories are designed in different colors and can hold thin and thick cords that are long or short. You will find cable clamps that are built as organizers and pieces that are specifically designed to hold the wiring in a certain place.

What are the cable clamp product options?

A variety of cable clamp products are designed to hold and secure cables in a specific way. Some of the options are:

  • Mount clip car clamps: Cable clip accessories that are designed for use in a car are made out of a dense plastic material. On the housing, there is an adhesive that secures the product in place onto a wall within a vehicle. These clips can hold and secure typical cables that power communication equipment and cords for audio devices.
  • Screw mounting fastener: These pieces are made of nylon. The housing has a hole for a screw. In order to mount these fasteners in place, you use a screw in the dedicated spot on the housing. You can use multiple mounting fasteners to secure tubing or electronic cables and cords to a wall.
  • Screw-in cable clips: Screw-in cable clips can hold RG59, RG6, and coaxial wires. These pieces are manufactured with a screw that is pre-loaded. You can mount each clip in place by using the screw to attach it to a panel.
  • Adjustable cable clips: Adjustable cable clips have a mechanism that gives users opportunities to modify the tension and strength. Most units have a shape that can wrap around thick and thin wires.
  • Organizer clamps: Organizer clamps are built with a rack that holds various cables. The housing on these cable clamps has an adhesive coating that can be used to mount it to a panel.
What are the design features for an adjustable clamp?

Most adjustable clamps can be used and reused after they are secured. Many clamps with adjustable features may also have a UV coating that can handle intense sunlight.

What are some benefits of using cable clamps?

When cable clamps are used, cords do not get bent as they run to various locations. If cords are crushed, bent, and twisted dramatically, the wiring underneath the housing could develop problems. Clamps keep cables straight and tidy. Multiple clamps can also prevent accidents that might occur when someone stumbles or trips over cables that run in high traffic areas.