Business Card Scanners

Business card scanners, or business card readers, are a valuable option for workers who need to keep track of many clients. Scanners automatically scan contact information from business cards and save that information into your phone. Scanners are either standalone desktop devices that can plug into your PC or are installed as an app which uses your smartphone’s camera to scan business cards as they are received using OCR technology.

What is a business card scanner?

Business card readers are apps on your smartphone that allow you to scan business card information by taking a photo of the card on your device. After the photo is taken, the application automatically identifies the relevant contact information using OCR technology and stores it in the address book on your device.

What are some important features of business card scanner?

  • Integrated smartphone app: Business card reader packages should include an integrated iPhone or Android app that allows you to take photos of business cards on the fly. The scanning apps include the ability to, at a minimum, store the information from business cards into your device's address book.
  • Dedicated desktop scanner: A dedicated desktop scanner should be included that makes it quick and easy to scan and save business cards from your desktop computer. These usually have the ability to communicate with your CRM software to store imported data. Some scanning apps offer the ability to link the scanned business card to social media, making it simple to make networking connections with potential clients.

How do you use a business card scanner?

  1. Identify and purchase the best card scanning software.
  2. Install the physical scanner to your desktop and phone app to your iPhone or Android.
  3. Collect and scan business cards. If you have a lot of business cards to scan, it may be most efficient to scan them at the physical scanner at your office. If you are on the road, it may be easiest to use your phone's camera to scan the card.
  4. Automatically save the business card to your address book, CRM, and social media using the included application.

What comes in a complete business card scanning package?

A complete business card scanning package includes both a physical scanner that can plug into your work computer and a phone app that allows you to take pictures of cards on the go, as well as robust software that connects to your CRM system and has the ability to export contacts to social media.