Bucket Boss Tool Bags, Belts and Pouches

Bucket Boss makes equipment and gear for workers in various areas, including construction, woodworking, and electrical. The bags, pouches, and rigs from Bucket Boss are designed to provide storage for work tools, which are meant to allow workers to move around. However, Bucket Boss bags also work when you need a bag to carry equipment from home to the workplace.

How do you pick a tool belt or pouch?

Start by considering the suitability of a Bucket Boss tool belt to help ensure it will suit the task you're trying to accomplish. This tips below may help you choose the right bag for your needs:

  • A Bucket Boss tool belt is made differently from a bag and rig. If you want a place to keep your chisels, screwdrivers, and hammer while you work, a tool belt or pouch is suitable. A rig is designed to carry heavier equipment like an impact driver, while a bag is more for safekeeping and ferrying tools from one place to another.
  • The capacity of a Bucket Boss tool belt will determine how well it meets your working requirements. Some workers have to carry around more tools than others, which means they need a lot of pockets. A Bucket Boss belt can have two pockets or as many as ten.
  • Comfort and fit are important factors when picking your Bucket Boss belt. The fastening mechanisms used should be able to keep the pouch safely strapped regardless of the movements made during the day. The shoulder straps, belt, or suspenders should not dig into the body. Make sure the tool belt fits well when it has all the tools in it.
How do you wear a Bucket Boss tool belt correctly?

Although they are common gear on many work sites, not everyone who uses them knows how to wear them the right way. A belt that fits wrong may just be inaccurately used. To get the most out of Bucket Boss pouch or rig, consider the following tips:

  • Get storage gear with padded and adjustable handles so that the suspender or straps can distribute the weight equally around the shoulders to avoid putting stress on one area
  • Know how to organize your tools such that their weight is even across the body.
  • Check the tools that are in your pockets to make certain they are all necessary. Don’t carry around extra equipment that will add weight.
  • If your tasks require you to bend over regularly, keep most of your tools in the back pockets
What are tool belts made of?

Canvas, nylon, and leather are the materials that you will find when buying Bucket Boss bags and pouches. Leather offers durability and versatility because it comes in many forms. You can find bags in suede, faux, or full-grain leather. Canvas is resistant to wear and lightweight. Nylon is the lightest of these materials. The tools you carry and job environment will dictate the right material.

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