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Brighton Bags & Handbags for Women

Brighton Womens Handbags and Purses

Brighton collectible handbags had humble beginnings in the late 1960s with a small boutique in Alhambra, California. The store was owned by high-school sweethearts Jerry Kohl and Terry Kravitz, who married and launched their brand with mens belts and womens belts. All of Brighton womens handbags and purses, as well as wallets, belts, footwear, home goods, fragrances, and organizers, are designed in-house and sourced from experienced craftspeople.

What is the Brighton organizer bag and Brighton handbag organizer?

The brands leather organizers and crossbody designs are intended to eliminate undesirable clutter and accidents. A simple black organizer has pockets for credit cards, ID card windows, inner zip pockets, and additional outer zipped pockets and storage. Organizers are intended to eliminate the need for wallets, makeup pouches, and other bulky items.

Does Brighton offer totes and other larger bags?

  • Crossbody leather organizers feature adjustable straps and come in black and many other colors.
  • City organizers and organizer bags with straps cross the body and are lightweight, compact, and made of durable leather and fabric.
  • Organizer crossbody shoulder bags offer more room, storage, and protection.
  • Domed organizers can come in crossbody styles and feature a design allowing flexible storage.

What leather goods does the collectible brand offer?

Brightons totes, satchels, hobo bags, and larger shoulder bags offer room for plenty of storage on the go. Totes and satchels are a convenient solution for shopping and day trips.

  • Extra large totes and shoulder bags meet your needs for yoga, tai chi, long shopping days, and art classes.
  • Hobos can double as organizers and carry school supplies, quick lunches, and more.
  • Crossbody bags, satchels, shoulder bags, and bucket totes blend style with storage capacity and come in some organizer models.
  • Lightweight crossbody buckets and totes use updated materials. A straw shoulder bag can hold your personal items.

Whats the difference between a handbag and a Brighton purse?

A Brighton handbag is noted for its durable leather and quality, unique collectible design, and workmanship. The brands shoulder bags, organizers, backpacks, clutches, belts, and other personal accessories are available.

  • Brighton wallets with the companys heart logo are desirable collectors items.
  • Pouches, larger wallets, and organizers feature the companys signature heart design and embossed details.
  • Fastenings and metal details highlight tooled leather wallets, clutches, and coin carriers.
  • Fabric designs include logos celebrating Paris, love, springtime, and animal prints.

Size, use, and closure styles differentiate a handbag from a purse in the Brighton line. A purse is traditionally used to carry money. The brand offers these items in traditional clasps and closures, as well as with straps. A shoulder bag or hobo is usually larger and carries more items. A Brighton purse, bag, or clutch is larger than a coin carrier and has no carrying strap. A collectible clutch bag or a special occasion bag is frequently embossed, beaded, embroidered, or designed with floral suede details.

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