Add Some Protection and Color to Your iPhone 5 with a Bumper Case

Whether you're prone to dropping your phone or want to add a pop of color to your accessories, covering your Apple iPhone 5 with a case can serve to be both stylish and practical. Phone cases are available in a variety of different finishes and tones, including blue. A range of features is also available for different needs.

What finishes are available for bumper cases?

Blue bumper cases are available in a variety of different finishes, including transparent, plain, pictorial, patterned, metallic, matte, and glossy. Transparent cases allow the viewer to see the phone itself and are tinted different shades of blue. Plain cases are typically a solid blue. Pictorial designs feature one large image, sometimes a character or something else entirely. Patterned cases feature an all-over print, like plaid, gingham, stripes, or dots. Metallic blue cases have sheen, while matte cases lack sheen entirely and have a smooth finish. Glossy cases have some shine to them.

What sorts of characters are options?

Pictorial blue bumper cases featuring characters come in a variety of different designs. Different designs of pictorial cases may even have multiple characters on them at once. Some characters include:

  • Blade
  • Blue
  • Droid
  • Googles
  • Happy
What are some of the features in bumper cases?

Phone cases include several useful features like:

  • Clips: serve to attach the phone to any number of clothing items, including belt loops
  • Waterproofing: prevents moisture from seeping into the case and ultimately into the device
  • Shockproofing: helps to absorb impacts that the phone can endure, including drops and falls
  • Projectors: help to transfer an image from the phone onto a nearby surface for viewing purposes
  • Lightweight materials: utilized in construction for functionality
  • Kickstands: attached to the lower back of the case in order to let the phone stand up by itself; can serve to help with speakerphone calls, streaming videos, and navigating
  • Card pockets: come in any number of formats, either attached to the back of the phone or installed with a sliding mechanism to house IDs, credit cards, or other cards.
Which materials are utilized?

A variety of different materials are used to construct bumper cases for the iPhone 5 and other Apple iPhones such as the iPhone SE, including metal, aluminum, rigid plastic, silicone, gel, and rubber. Depending on the particular materials in a case, it is likely to have particular qualities, including shock absorption, crack protection, or water resistance.

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