Blonder Tongue TV, Video, and Audio Signal Amplifiers

Thanks to technological advances by research laboratories like those created by Blonder Tongue, devices are currently available to modulate the megahertz emitted through speakers so that clear sound is emitted. There is a range of video and audio amplifiers available.

What products do Blonder Tongue laboratories produce?

Blonder Tongue produces everything in the amplifier/imagery market from the tiniest of Tongue splitters to the largest of Tongue Headend products. Blonder produces modulators for any application. Blonder technology supplements existing Tongue megahertz norms with gradient modulators that adjust dBmV signal strength in sound and visual applications. Blonder splitters adjust and separate sound in both high and low-frequency range. Tongue laboratories products are separated into categories.

  • Video delivery and distribution
  • Test and measurement
  • Splitters and taps
  • Accessories
  • NeXgen Gateway
How do Tongue laboratories products reflect advances in technology?

The Blonder Tongue Agile Audio/Video Modulator with EAS feature was the first in the family of Agile products to hit the market. This Blonder product enhanced the stereo and video feeds on channels in the 54 to 550/750 MHz frequency range. The next generation in the Agile family, the Blonder Tongue Channelized Agile Audio/Video Modulator introduced a channeling aspect of the signal through splitters and a complex modulator array to build megahertz in some frequencies while minimizing megahertz in others. This agile modulator is compatible on channels in the 7 to 860 MHz range. Yet another product is the Blonder Tongue AMCM-860DS Modular Agile Stereo Audio/Video Modulator, part of the HE Series, which enhances sound quality in both the mono and dual fields and are usable in any Headend, 54-860 MHz, application.

Where can you use Blonder Tongue products?

Blonder Tongue products can be used everywhere that frequency range is important. The Blonder line of products modulate systems in hospitals, prisons, schools, churches, auditoriums, business conference rooms, and anywhere else that amplified sound is demanded. Blonder television modulators, amplifiers and splitters, as well as other parts, are used in many brand name products purchased in the United States. Many microphones, speakers and modulators contain Blonder Tongue parts to enhance quality.

Will older Blonder Tongue parts work in updated sound systems?

Yes, they are designed to. Blonder technology is intended to be adaptive and fits easily into the most recently built sound systems or older sound systems as well. An feature built into the recent NeXgen Gateway system created by Blonder is a modular system. When one part of the NeXgen Gateway is outdated, simply remove the module and insert a new, updated, module.