Black Nail Polish

Once considered the province of Goths and other alternative subcultures, black nail polish is now seen as a stylish option for fall and winter. Black nail polishes are available at all price points. These nail polishes come in a variety of finishes and go well with nail art.

What companies make black nail polish?

Every major nail polish designer - including OPI, Essie, Chanel, Deborah Lippmann, and Zoya - offers a nail polish in black.

Can you customize your nail polish?

Yes, you can mix black polish with other polish colors to create customized shades, like charcoal.

Are there natural nail polishes?

If you have concerns about the chemicals used in standard nail polishes, you can purchase your polish from a company that offers natural polish formulas.

What types of nail polish finishes are there?

  • Most nail polishes have a creme finish. Creme finishes can be very shiny. Others are shimmery.
  • Metallic is another popular type of finish. Some black metallics are super glossy. Others are multi-dimensional. These almost give the effect of black stardust.
  • Black glitter polish is wonderfully festive. It looks more elegant and mature than some other glittery polishes because it sparkles like a starry night.
  • Matte finishes are also popular. Matte finishes are similar to creme finishes, except they do not shine. A matte finish with shimmer added is called a suede finish.
  • Holographic or duochrome finishes use multiple colors to create a dimensional effect. These polishes appear to be different shades of black depending on the angle.

Can you wear nail art with black nail polish?

Black nails pair well with all types of nail designs.

  • Consider including a rhinestone at the base of your nail or at the fingertip.
  • You can make patterns like chevrons. Use colors that really contrast with black, like white or light pastels.
  • Black also pairs well with gold or silver nail polish.
  • You can mix colored glitter with your nail polish for a different type of contrast.

What other products will you need to get a perfect manicure?

In all cases, you should have a good set of nail tools like files, clippers, and cuticle pushers. Since black is such a dramatic color, you may want to have Q-tips, so you can clean up small messes on your fingers as you go.

  • If you give yourself a regular manicure, you will need a good base coat and a good no-chip top coat. To safely remove your polish, you will need a gentle remover. Be careful and thorough when removing black nail polish.
  • If you give yourself Shellac-style nails - where the polish cures under a special light - you will need a curing light, as well as polishes, base coats, top coats, and removers that are designed to work under the curing light.