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Billiard Table Covers

Having a billiard table in a game room or other part of the house is a great addition to your home, as it provides fun for social gatherings and nights spent at home with family, and it gives you a chance to practice your pool skills. It is important to have a cover for your billiard table to protect it and prolong the life of the table for future fun. There are many options of pool table covers, varying in material, size, functionality, color, style, and more, so it is important to consider your specific needs when looking to buy a cover for a billiard or pool table.

Is a pool table cover necessary?

Owning a billiard table is a large investment, so it is essential to care for it properly if you want it to play well, look good, and last for a long period of time. Pool table covers are one of the important accessories that could make a world of difference for your table. A cover protects your pool table from many damaging factors, including fur and hair, dust, beverage and food spills, sunlight that may fade the wood and felt, scratches, and more. Pool table covers will guard both the wood, felt, and underlying slate surface, keeping your table in a more pristine condition.

What are billiard table covers made of?

Pool table covers may be made of a variety of materials, providing different looks based on your preferences. The higher-end pool table covers may be made out of leather, suede, and silk, and the more basic cover varieties may be made of vinyl, synthetic leathers, and various soft fabrics. Many thicker pool table covers will have an outer lining with a softer cloth lining on the inside to prevent scratches and chafing on the pool table.

What billiard cover features are there?

Other than the fabrics and colors available, there are some other aspects to take into consideration when looking to buy a pool table cover.

  • Fit: Some billiard covers sit loosely over the table, draping off the sides, and others have elastic corners to fit around the wood and slate table top. Length is also a factor, as there are varieties that drape over the wood of the pool table top or others that come lower below the mantle.
  • Weights: Many pool table covers incorporate weights along the hanging seams to ensure that it sits flat on the table and does not slide off easily.
  • Designs: In addition to the many color choices based on the cloth preference, there are also choices for unique trims, logos, embellishments, and more. There are many custom options available.
  • Size: Depending on the model, the product may fit neatly along the edges of the table or fit more loosely depending on the chosen size. Measure your pool table carefully to determine the desired size.
How do you care for a pool table cover?

Pool table covers must be cleaned frequently so that they can continue performing their designated job effectively. Simply wipe leathers and synthetic fabrics with a damp rag and mild cleaner to remove dust and stains. For suede, use a specialized brush to gently groom the dust and other debris from the cloth.