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Keep Your Favorite Headphones Going With Some Spare Parts

Beats by Dr. Dre is known for producing headphones, earphones, and other audio devices. Because of the sound quality and cool, stylish designs, these devices have become very popular among music lovers and music creators. However, they can sometimes experience issues or breakage. Having to buy another pair is always a possible solution, but you can also look for spare parts and fix your favorite headphones. 

Why Buy Spare Headphone Parts?

  • Fix Small Issues: It's not worth throwing your headphones away just because it has started crackling and popping. You also don't have to put up with these disturbances to your music listening experience. Getting replacement audio jacks can help repair those minor issues and make your headphones sound as good as new. 
  • More Cost-Friendly: Getting replacement parts to fix small issues is also more cost-friendly than getting a brand new set of headphones. 
  • Easy to Replace: Many replacement parts like audio jacks are fairly easy to replace. It can be a fairly quick project to complete. 

Are the Audio Jacks Different Between Different Series of Headphones?

The audio jacks of the Beats by Dr. Dre headband headphones can vary between the different wireless series and versions so you should make sure the replacement parts you get are suitable for your particular set. It is also a good idea to make sure you get OEM parts for your headset.

  • Solo: The jack for the Solo HD headphones has small green, wing-like structures, whereas the Solo 3 jack is black in color and slightly larger than the Solo HD's. 
  • Studio: The Studio 2.0 headset jack has a lopsided structure for its soldering points. 
  • Pro: The jack for the Beats Pro headset has a larger and longer centerpiece compared to the others. This is the part where your cable can be plugged into once it has been fixed properly. 

What Should I Know About Replacing the Audio Jack?

You can easily find instructions on how to properly repair your headphones.

  • Locate Jack: The jack is often found installed on the left side of your headphones, under the over-ear component. 
  • Tools Needed: You will need a screwdriver and a soldering kit to complete the replacement. 
  • Concerns: If you are unsure that you're doing the right thing and are concerned about spoiling your headphones or if you don't have the required tools, you can send it to a professional repair shop to do it for you. 

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