Fundas de batería para iPhone 7 Plus

Why Protect Your iPhone 7 Plus?

Because one of the biggest issues with smartphone cell phones is that the battery life isnt as long-lasting as you would like it to be, the rise of third-party mobile charging packs has become a popular way to combat smartphone batteries that dont last very long.

A variety of third-party companies such as Otter Box have created covers for Apple iPhones that come with screen protectors and built-in charging capabilities. The functionality of the iPhone 7 Plus cases offers a tough, LifeProof cover for Apple iPhones as well as charging options or even kickstands for video streaming on your device.

What Cases Are Available?

  • Though Apple themselves do not make iPhone covers, the variety of iPhone cover options are so vast that users needs are usually met.
  • The most popular charging cases are products from companies like Mophie and PolarPro.
  • Companies like OtterBox and LifeProof create more rugged looking phone cases that are virtually indestructible and waterproof with drop protection, while companies like Tech21 offer ultrasleek, slim, silicone alternatives that are just as protective as the company boasts that their products can withstand the impact from a bullet.

Will an iPhone 8 Case Fit on My iPhone 7 Plus?

  • Generally, no. Apple makes each of their products slightly different so while the case may physically fit on the phone, the camera position, or button position may be a bit different.
  • An iPhone 7 Plus will need a case that specifies being made for the iPhone 7 Plus.

What About Cases With Power Options and Protection Built in?

  • Mophie cases offer protection and are a good option for those looking to be able to carry an extra charge to their phone within the case.
  • Other options for those who want even more protection are LifeProof and OtterBox.
  • While these 7 Plus cases dont really offer anything in the way of extra charging, theyll keep your phone protected and waterproof which may help the battery last longer on its own.

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