Tomas de automóviles y soportes de Gato

Automotive Jacks

Stands and other car jacks are very useful tools to have in any amateur or professional garage or auto repair shop. Many maintenance jobs cant be fully completed without being able to get underneath the automobile and take a look at the systems that arent available by simply looking under the hood. At this point, lifting the automobile quickly becomes a necessity; with many designs having very low floor clearance, you cant get underneath without first raising the car up.

What are the differences between floor jacks and bottle jacks?

Performing most repairs of a car require being able to access the underside of the car or truck. The simplest way to do this is by using a hydraulic jack. There are two main kinds of jacks available for personal use, and each one has its specific uses.

  • Bottle Jack: Named for its characteristic bottle-like shape, this type of jack is usually less expensive than most models of floor jacks. Its commonly used when working with trucks and other large vehicles due to its high weight capacity.
  • Floor Jack: With a lower profile than the bottle type jack, the floor jack is able to squeeze under vehicles that are lower to the ground. Other types of jacks often have trouble getting under some of the lower vehicles. The much larger footprint of this type of jack also makes it safer than many other jacks. It is far less prone to tip over while under a load, helping to avoid serious injury.
What is a floor jack used for?

Floor jacks are used to raise up one side of an automobile so that inspections and maintenance can be performed on the undercarriage. This lift is one of the easiest types of lift to use, with its longer lever arm and simple motion action. This type of jack is a durable, safe design that is widely used in both small cars and large trucks. The lift is safe because of the low profile and spread-out design that allows it to be incredibly stable. This also prevents tipping over while under load. Keeping proper maintenance of the device can keep it functioning well for a long time.

How does a automobile stand work?

Most automotive jacks are powerful hydraulic lifts that are capable of supporting very large loads for extended periods of time. They often work on a lever system that gradually applies more and more pressure until the auto is lifted off the ground to a sufficient degree. Other types of stands and lifts work off of a threaded screw system, which simply uses an adjustable screw to change how much space there is between the ground and the top of the stand. This is usually adjusted using a wrench or other similar tool to fine tune the exact height that the stand reaches off the ground.