Las pistolas de Grasa Automotriz y herramientas de lubricación

Automotive Grease Guns & Lubrication Tools

While the lubrication systems inside of your vehicle can automatically provide the clearance necessary for your automobile to work correctly, there are other areas where you must apply the lubricant yourself. In these cases, you will want to have a variety of lubrication tools and the appropriate grease gun to do the job correctly. Whether you choose a manual, cordless, or pneumatically powered grease gun, the proper device will allow you to apply lubrication to your equipment as needed to reduce friction and to prevent corrosion.

Why use a grease gun?

Proper lubrication is essential to reduce friction between moving parts and to prevent rust and corrosion of metal by exposure to water. Hand-held lubrication systems are an easy way to apply the necessary lubrication to specific points where needed. The lubricant can be directed precisely through a nozzle, tube, or another fitting into particular nooks and crannies. These types of lubrication systems can help you with proper lubricant application without under- or over-greasing and can help reduce waste. These tools allow you to get the lubricating material inside of parts through a small opening rather quickly, and you can direct the flow exactly where you want it.

What are the different types of grease guns?

For proper application of lubricant to automotive parts, you will want to choose a lubrication gun that is easy for you to use. There are a range of different types of equipment to choose from depending on how often you will use these tools or how quickly you want to get the job done.

  • Manual lubrication systems force lubricant out of the gun by hand pumping. Lever action can expel more lubricating product per pump but requires two hands to use. Pistol grips are easy to use with just one hand.
  • Pneumatic grease guns work using compressed air. They operate with a pistol grip to control flow with a trigger.
  • Cordless grease guns are battery-operated. With a pistol grip, flow is controlled with a trigger.
Where do vehicles need lubrication?

Late-model automobiles will most likely require lubrication of hinges and exposed joints to prevent excessive squeaking or rusting. Large, heavy-duty trucks may need to have specific areas, such as ball joints or bearings, lubricated on a regular basis for proper performance, especially those frequently driven off-road. Older automobiles will have more points that require lubrication with lithium or other lubricants.

What is an automatic lubrication system?

An automatic lubrication system is very different from your typical hand-held variety. Once attached to the machine, it automatically delivers specific amounts of lubricating material to multiple locations within the device during operation.