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Frequently Asked Questions about AudioControl Signal Processor Crossovers

AudioControl is a Washington State-based company that has manufactured audio equipment for business, home, and vehicle use for over 40 years. Car audio crossovers such as those from AudioControl are an important component of your car’s audio system, as they allow you to have audio control over your systems features like the the output and input levels, bass sounds, and so on. Here are some questions that may come up when selecting an AudioControl crossover.

What is a crossover?

A crossover is used in your car audio system to divide the audio signals into a variety of different frequencies. These frequencies will be assigned to other components in the audio system, such as the speakers, subwoofers, tweeters, and other output options in your vehicle. There are three different ways that the crossover can divide the frequencies:

  • High pass: This method will allow sound frequencies that are above a selected frequency to be sent to a car speaker.
  • Band pass: This type is a combination of both a high-pass and low-pass crossover. Band pass allows you to select a range or band of frequencies to be sent to the speakers.
  • Low pass: This method allows the frequencies under your selected frequency to be sent to the selected speakers.
What types of crossovers are available?
  • Active: These filters are also considered electronic crossovers. These use a processor chip to handle the division of frequencies. This style allows the crossover frequencies to be selected and adjusted to the needs at the time. Some active filters that have a DSP chip can select multiple channels for the output to select settings for each individual speaker.
  • Passive: Passive options can use a combination of inductors, capacitors, and resistors to set the crossover point for a speaker. The size of the speakers will affect the size of passive filter units. This type is used commonly in some models of coaxial speakers. Passive designs will be placed between the amp and speakers and are wired into your car to filter out the unwanted frequencies.
How do you select an AudioControl crossover for your vehicle?
  • Gather car information: You will want to review the make, model, and model year of your vehicle. This information will help you find compatible filters for your vehicle.
  • Select an output: The type of filters available will vary depending on the size and type of your speaker.
  • Select a type: You can choose from passive and active options manufactured by AudioControl.
  • Select a brand: When you’ve selected the features and type of filter that you want, you can select from the models manufactured by AudioControl.
  • Select channels: The channels will determine how many speakers the unit can be connected to. Some models will have channel amounts between one to seven channels depending on the design.
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