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Attwood Boat Electrical and Lighting

While maintaining proper lighting on your boat is certainly a safety concern, the right Attwood electrical accessories can also set your watercraft apart. Beyond your standard side lights, Attwood offers a variety of maritime illumination tools for steering your vessel through calm seas or stormy whitecaps.

What is the purpose of Attwood LED boat side lights?

Side lights serve the critical function of altering other mariners to the position of your vessel on the water. Making sure that your side lights are working properly is an important safety concern when afloat at night on the open seas. Choosing LED bulbs, called diodes, for your side lighting needs comes with a number of advantages. LED diodes use a tiny amount of electricity, take up a minuscule footprint, and are rated to last 50,000 hours, or nearly six years of nonstop use.

What are the red and green bow lights?

Side lights, also called bow lights, operate similarly in some ways to red and green stoplights on the road. The red light goes on the port or left side, and the green light goes on the right or starboard side. This helps you tell the direction that boats at a distance are heading when its dark and steer to the appropriate side.

How do you replace your side lights with Attwood LEDs?

Replacing your existing side lights with long-lasting and ultrabright LEDs is a simple process requiring basic shop tools and about 30 minutes of labor for each light. These instructions are for sidelight pairs only.

  • Turn off the motor, disconnect the battery, and pick a side to start with.
  • Begin removing the old side light assembly by removing the cover screw, removing the cover, and pulling the light housing up and away from the boat.
  • Remove the mounting screws, base, and gasket, and disengage the electrical harness to disconnect the old assembly from the boat.
  • Arrange the replacement gasket and base into place and connect the electrical harness to your LED light housing.
  • Install the mounting screws, place the cover on top, and install the cover screw to complete the installation. Repeat these steps for the opposite side light.
What does an Attwood battery box do?

Using a battery box on your boat keeps it protected in a wet environment. A battery box creates an impermeable seal around your battery to keep it away from humidity and stray waves.