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A New Generation Apple iPad Smart Cover for Your New Generation iPad

This 9.7-inch Apple iPad Smart cover is made from soft, durable materials to protect your iPad screen from damage while not in use. The cover shields your iPad screen without covering the aluminum back. Find a variety of colors and designs for new Apple iPad smart covers on eBay at various affordable prices.

Which iPads are compatible with this cover?

This iPad cover will NOT work for most older iPads such as 2, 3, or 4, which require a larger size. It will also NOT work with most of the Pro-series iPads. This smart cover was designed for the following iPads:

  • Apple iPad Air 2
  • Apple iPad 2
  • 5th generation or 6th generation Apple iPad
What are the features of this iPad cover?

This brand-name cover is specifically designed to complement and to protect iPad tablets. The tablet cover features a soft, color-matched microfiber lining to help cushion your display and to keep it clean.

Magnets inside the cover help keep the cover in place while the hinge magnetically aligns the cover and the tablet, creating a perfect fit. The cover is gray and weighs about 0.51 pounds. Other colors, such as midnight blue, may also be available through eBay.

Will the iPad stay on when the cover is closed?

The Apple iPad smart cover is designed to prompt your iPad to automatically go into sleep mode when the cover is closed and to wake up when the cover is opened. This feature helps prevent wasting precious battery charge by unnecessarily sitting idle and will also extend the overall life of the battery and prevent accidental power-ups during transport.

What are some advantages of this cover model?

The iPad cover is designed to perform double duty as both a cover and a stand. By folding the cover back, your iPad can be tilted to stand at a comfortable writing position for you to perform various tasks. This angle is also perfect for watching your favorite movies and videos and for typing messages on your favorite social media network.

You can find this smart cover in new or used condition through eBay along with a wide variety of other Apple iPad covers and Apple iPad smart cases. In order to ensure that the cover gives you the most secure fit and protection that's possible, please use an authentic iPad cover for your device.

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