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American Girl Doll Furniture

From the original three girls to the contemporary line featuring musicians and future directors, American Girl has captured the hearts of preteens since 1986. In addition to the dolls themselves, accessories such as American Girl clothing and customized items have been made available in order to allow kids to customize the characters. Your children will be able to use their imaginations with these accessories for hours of fun play.

What types of furniture are available?

Items for the American Girl dolls include beds, kitchen items, chairs, and desks. The beds are typically designed for the size of the standard dolls, but some of the 15-inch smaller doll furniture may still be available for the discontinued Bitty Baby and Bitty Twins dolls.

Are these American Girl items available in sets?

Items and appliances like beds, desks, cabinets, tables, and stoves will often feature matching accessories, such as mattresses, bedding sets, cooking accessories, and chairs. You can also find the pieces sold individually. All of the accessories are designed to allow your child to customize the American Girl experience, providing the ability to use an accessory from one set with a different set.

Do any of the accessories feature historical touches?

Many of the doll furniture and doll beds available for the American Doll line will have vintage customization to make it accurate for a certain time period. Examples include the following items:

  • Bedroom: Doll beds for American Girl dolls representing earlier generations will have the style and appearance of the time. Some special customization may have been included, such as comforters and pillows.
  • Bathroom: In the bathroom, historical touches such as old-fashioned clawfoot bathtubs may be available.
  • Kitchen: Historical adjustments may include older styles of cookware, vintage apron styles, or vintage brick ovens.
  • Storage: Whether crossing the ocean as a pioneer or preparing for life as an adult, American Girl dolls needed durable storage that would last for as long as possible. Trunks and storage closets for these dolls and their clothes are available, and they showcase the vintage designs and coloring of the furniture from different eras.
Are items available for the first-generation American Girl dolls?

While American Girls Molly McIntire, Kirsten Larson, and Samantha Parkington have been discontinued, some of their exclusive clothes, decorations, and accessories can still be found. Examples of these pieces include Samantha's trunk, which included three hangers, a mirror, shelves, and wallpaper from the Victorian Era. Examples of Molly's retired items include her single bed, featuring a red bedspread with a red and white striped pillow. Kirsten's retired accessories include her doll bed, trunk, school bench, washing stand, and table. Except for the cooking items and the school bench, her vintage accessory items are colored blue.