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Alpine Car Audio In-Dash CD Players

Maximize Your Car Audio Experience With an Alpine CD Player

An Alpine car stereo receiver maximizes the capabilities of the sound system in a vehicle. Listen to music to relax during a long drive or play an audiobook to turn a standard commute to work into a learning session. Once installed, the Alpine device works with all sorts of different audio sources and delivers a clear stereo output.

How does Bluetooth compatibility affect the device?

The Bluetooth feature allows for hands-free phone calls by integrating a smartphone with the receiver, which can be beneficial when driving the car. In addition to hands-free talking, this feature supports audio streaming. Advanced audio distribution profile (A2DP) audio streaming allows a stream to run from a compatible device via the wireless Bluetooth signal.

What features that come with Alpine car stereo devices?

The Alpine car audio system provides an opportunity to do more than just play music. Several added features allow the unit to perform several tasks. Also, standard features are built upon with this particular brand model.

  • Plays multiple formats and sources: In addition to compact discs, the car stereo device also captures audio from AM/FM radio, satellite and internet radio, and MP3 and WMA files. Access to a wide range of sources increases the listening enjoyment capabilities of the receiver.
  • Detachable faceplate: The faceplate addresses security issues. Once the faceplate has been removed from the base unit, the device is now in two parts and does not function without the faceplate.
  • LCD display: A high-contrast LCD display enhances the clarity and readability of the screen. The option exists to choose a preferred color to enhance the display further. The chosen color may be one intended to blend in with the cars interior.
  • Phone charging: Plug a phone into this car device via a standard USB cable. The charging then occurs automatically.
What is App Direct Mode?

App Direct Mode expands how someone in a car can use the Alpine device to access apps on an iPhone. The screen presents information from the apps. The user then executes the necessary commands to operate the apps. Enhanced screen illumination increases the ability to perform these commands accurately.

What types of sound features are present?

The car stereo comes with a nine-band parametric equalizer, high/low pass filters, and controls for the subwoofer level. These various features allow for customization to achieve the desired sound in the car.

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