Trajes de Danza del Vientre para adultos

Adult Belly Dancing Dancewear

Belly dance is a celebration of womanhood and women’s individuality with endless costume possibilities. From the professional belly dancer on stage to those who simply want a fun costume for Halloween, a belly dance costume can be as expressive as the dance itself. The chiffon veil, pants, belly dance skirt, dance accessories, or pre-packaged full belly dance dancewear will help you express yourself and your belly dance style.

What sizes do belly dance costumes come in?

Some belly dance costumes are available for full-figured women and sometimes also in womens plus sizes. Some dance costume items, such as coin belts, may have stricter sizing than a basic dance costume. Even so, most varieties of belly dance skirts and pants for costumes will come in an inclusive array of sizes. There are especially many options with practice costumes for women who use belly dancing for exercise. Performance belly dance costumes will be more detailed and made of finer materials such as chiffon.

What kinds of belly dance costume are there?

Due to the abundance of belly dance styles out there, styles of belly dance costumes also vary. Some styles include:

  • Tribal belly dance costume: These will likely favor dark colors and neutral earth tones. Gold or other metallic colors are less likely to be seen in tribal belly dance styles.
  • Classic belly dance costume: This type of belly dancing costume will likely favor bright colors and gold embroidery. Dark colors or black may still appear in a classical belly dance costume.
  • Practice costumes and Halloween belly dance costumes:These belly dancing costumes will often have harem pants. Practice dance costumes are likely to have shorter pants with slits on the outer sides of the pant legs and will favor short-sleeved tops.
  • Performance belly dance costumes: Performance belly dance costumes are likely to include jewelry, such as a gold anklet. Performance belly dance costume will likely have a traditional floor-length skirt that is see-through. Some skirts will have slits on the sides, off one hip, or down the front middle to flare during spins. This is especially visible if the belly dancer does wide stance moves or a lot of floorwork in their belly dance. Other performance dance costumes may have skirts tighter to the body or mermaid skirts, for belly dancers who do a lot of standing hip work with knees close together during their belly dance. Women’s belly dance tops also come in many varieties, from bras, to sleeveless, to choli tops.