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How an Accessory Bundle Can Enhance Your Canon EOS Rebel

A bundle of accessories for your digital camera can bring your photography skills to the next level and allow you to capture images that you've previously only dreamed of. Canon is a leading name in photography and offers bundles compatible with the Canon EOS DSLR Rebel. Each set of accessories includes various pieces that can be used in a number of ways.

Which accessory bundle do you need?

Various accessory bundles are available for Canon Rebel EOS cameras. To find the one that fits your needs, do the following:

  • Check for compatibility: Canon has manufactured many series of Rebels over the years, so make sure that the specific kit you purchase will work with your current model.
  • Choose specialty lenses: Identify the specialty lenses you are interested in acquiring. Bundles often feature different lenses such as fish-eye, wide-angle, and telephoto.
  • Choose related products: Decide on other items you may need, such as a carrying case, a tripod, a battery, or a cleaning set.
What is included in the Ultimate Accessory Bundle?

This set by Vivitar is compatible with Canon EOS Rebel T3i, T5i, and T6i DSLR. It includes the following:

  • A 58mm telephoto lens and a 58mm wide-angle lens.
  • A lens cap holder and a 58mm tulip lens hood.
  • A professional tripod with remote control and slave flash.
  • A 58mm filter kit and three Vivitar screen protectors for various effects.
  • A five-piece cleaning set that includes cleaning fluid and a soft cloth.
What comes with the Xtech accessories kit?

The Xtech set works with the Canon EOS Rebel T5i and T3i DSLR cameras. It provides the following:

  • 58mm wide-angle and telephoto lenses with macro capability.
  • A Transcend 16GB memory card and a universal high-speed USB 2.0 card reader/writer.
  • A four-piece 58mm close-up filter set with a protective wallet case.
  • A wireless universal remote, a 72-inch tripod and mono-pod with a carrying case, and a padded carrying case for the camera.
  • A 58mm HD glass filter kit with a UV filter, a CPL filter, an FLD filter, and a case.
What is included in the Canon Basics photo kit?

This accessory set is compatible with the Canon EOS Rebel T6, T5, and T3 DSLR cameras. It includes:

  • An Altura photo digital DSLR/SLR camera sling backpack.
  • Various lenses and hoods, such as a 58mm 0.35x wide-angle fish-eye lens with macro portion as well as a 58mm 0.43x wide-angle lens with macro portion.
  • A Vivitar LP-E10 battery for Canon cameras.
  • A lens cap keeper and a lens cap pinch.
  • Camera maintenance supplies, such as a lens cleaning pen, 50 cleaning tissue sheets, an air blower cleaner, an empty plastic spray bottle, and a brush.

See the manufacturers' sites for further details about any of these sets.

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