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Factors to Consider When Looking at a 58mm Nikon Camera Lens Cap

A lens cap is a vital accessory to your Nikon camera. You don't want to damage your lens when it's being worn or when it's in a bag. Knowing more about your lens will help you to get the right cap.

What does a lens cap do?

A lens cap or cover is capable of providing a lot of protection. It will cover and protect your camera elements against being scratched or smudged. It will also prevent dust and dirt from getting inside the lens, which can cause a significant amount of damage. You will want to cover the elements of your lens regardless of whether it is in a camera bag or it is on the camera while hanging from your neck.

What types of lens caps are there?

You will find that there are two lens caps on every lens for a Nikon camera. Knowing what you need makes it so that you get the right cap. You'll also want to ensure that your 58mm Nikon camera lens cap provides the desired level of convenience.

  • Rear: The rear cap goes onto the lens where it mounts to the camera body.
  • Front: The cap goes on the front so that it protects the glass.
  • Mount: You will also need to know how a lens cap will mount to your Nikon, such as by screwing on, snapping on, or sliding on.
What size lens cap is needed?

The size of the cover will depend greatly on the type of lens and what cap you need. A 58mm lens cap refers to the front lens cap as it is based on the measurement of the lens. The rear cap size based on the type of mount, such as a Nikon F-mount.

What is a lens leash?

A lens leash is a common accessory that is packaged with a lens cap. It allows the cap to dangle while you view things through the lens. When the camera is not in use, the cap goes back into place. One end of the leash attaches to the cap with adhesive or a magnet while the other end goes around the lens with an elastic band.

What kind of material is available?

Lens caps may be made from a few different materials. This will impact the weight of the accessory as well as its usability:

  • Metal: Extremely long-lasting.
  • Hard plastic/acrylic: Rigid and lightweight.
  • Rubber: Lightweight and highly flexible.
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