52mm Circular UV Camera Lens Filter

The Unique Power of 52mm Circular UV Camera Lens Filters

When you buy a camera, be sure to investigate ultraviolet (IV) light filters. Thankfully, there are many available for 52mm cameras, each of which creates unique images. The following information is critical to understand before you buy this type of lens filter for your 52mm model.

How do these filters fit over a camera?

When you select a UV filter, slide it over the top of the lens. Once in place, push it down until you hear a snap. This is done so that it stays in place. After attaching the filter properly, this protects the lens ultraviolet light rays. However, a filter like this can also create unique effects that allow you to create a variety of different photo styles. Some of the ways you can use these filters include:

  • Darkening a sky: This effect creates a less intense look that makes your photos easier to take.
  • Creating intense UV photos: These photos have a darker tone that is unique and which can be used for artistic purposes.
  • Stopping glare: On a day with a lot of light, these products can prevent annoying glare.
Can these UV filters be used for ultraviolet photography?

UV photography removes all of the rays from light but those in the UV light spectrum. This process creates artwork that is often dark and brooding. However, it can also be used for serious situations. For example, UV filters may catch blemishes on peoples skin and cracks in structures that cant be otherwise seen.

UV photography has many different applications, including its use in the forensic field. These specialists use UV filters to identify issues they wouldnt have noticed otherwise that can help them break a case.

Are multicoated lens filters available?

When buying these filters, try to find a multicoated surface. These kinds protect your lens from a maximum amount of UV rays. However, a single-coated filter has other advantages, such as a less-distorted image. Multicoated filters may also be more sensitive to cleaning processes. For example, scrubbing them with water may cause damage to the surface if you arent careful. However, single-coated filters usually dont have this same problem.

Do these filters allow for action shots?

Some filters may cause issues when trying to take action shots. However, these ones do not. In fact, they can be a useful way to protect your camera from the sun during an outdoor baseball, soccer, or football game. Theyll stop glare from occurring while players run and capture them in action on the field.