37mm Circular Camera Lens Filter

What You Need to Know About 37mm Circular Camera Lens Filters

Most 37mm digital cameras come with a UV/IR filter built in. This protects your lens from the UV rays of the sun. However, there are different kinds of circular lens filters with a variety of other uses.

What kinds of filters are available for a 37mm camera?

The two most basic filters are the UV (haze) filter and the skylight filter. Other filters available for a 37mm include:

  • Polarizing Filter
  • Neutral Density Filters and Graduated Neutral Density Filters
  • Warming and Cooling Filters
  • Enhancing and Intensifying Filters
  • Color Filters
What do these filters do for 37mm photography?

The basic UV and skylight filters block the UV rays, which makes pictures less hazy. Other filters have different uses, including:

  • Polarizing Filter: These are used for landscapes. Polarizing filters are used to darken skies, making colors stronger, and to eliminate glare and reflections from the surfaces of water, glass, and other polished surfaces. You rotate the 37mm lens filter until you have the desired effect.
  • Neutral Density Filters: A gray-toned filter that filters out some of the light in bright light conditions. This removes the glare and allows for more detailed photographs. Filters with graduated neutral density will be clear on one side and gradually darker as it moves to the other side of the lens. This is used in situations where the light is brighter on one side of the shooting area than on the other side.
  • Warming and Cooling Filters: Warming filters add yellow tones to your photography, while cooling filters add blue tones. This can be done by using filters on your 37mm or during editing on your computer.
  • Enhancing and Intensifying Filters: These are often used for photographing fall landscapes. They cut some of the orange hues out, intensifying the reds and earth tones.
  • Color Filters: These make the scene appear like the colors green, red, yellow, or others. However, they are most often used in black and white photography. Some colors make darker skies and clouds that stand out, while other colors affect the skin tones in a black and white picture.
Are 37mm lenses used only on 37mm cameras?

No. You can find lenses for camcorders as well. You can also buy 37mm lenses that will clip onto a cell phone so that you can have the effects of them in your cell phone photography. These are especially useful when you want professional quality photos without buying a professional-grade camera.

What brands can you buy 37mm lenses from?

There are many different brands that offer 37mm lenses. They include Canon, Heliopan, Hoya, Kenko, Nikon, Schneider, and Tiffen, among others. There are also many unbranded filters available that can be used for different kinds of cameras.