1960s Vintage Shoes for Men

1960s Vintage Shoes for Men

In the 1960s, there was more than one predominant style in fashion and this also goes for the shoe styles. It was an age of subcultures. Four very different styles emerged, including mod, biker, beatnik, and bohemia. The biker style is probably familiar to most people and remains the most prevalent, but the others may have more of a retro feel to them. Devil is in details if you want to achieve an authentic Sixties look. Therefore, choosing the right shoes, whether heels, pumps, sandals, or even platform shoes, is crucial.

How Do I Create a Vintage Mod Look?

The Teddy Boys style inspired the mod look. The Beatles band members also dressed in the mod fashion at their prime.

  • Key elements: In terms of clothing, pair a polo neck shirt with a suit. Bright colors and patterns are an acceptable option. The clothes should be slim fit with narrow cuts and clean lines.
  • Mod shoes: The shoes accompanying a mod look should complement the slickness. Failsafe options include boots with heels like slip-on Chelsea boots, desert boots, and low heel winkle pickers. Choose polished leather for a formal style and vintage desert boots for a laid-back appearance.

How Do I Create a Vintage Beatnik Look?

The beatnik style aims for simplicity in clothing. The main focus of this 1960s fashion style was the color black. Today, this vintage look is quite easy to achieve, requiring a few items. Shoes, again, form an important part of this vintage style.

  • Key elements: Dress the part with a striped shirt, either long- or short-sleeved paired with wide-legged pants. A roll-neck vintage sweater is also crucial.
  • Beatnik shoes: Complete the outfit with a pair of retro shoes like leather Docs or flat plimsolls if you are not a fan of heels. A pair of vintage-inspired fashion trainers could also work.

How Do I Create a Vintage Bohemian Look?

The bohemian look is something that Jimi Hendrix would wear. With the right clothes and vintage shoes, you can masterfully combine this slightly feminine style and turn it masculine. You could also use only some elements of that style and not necessarily dress up head to toe in the authentic sixties clothing and shoes to convey the look.

  • Key elements: Bottom flares might seem a bit too much. However, you can convey this vintage look also by choosing relaxed, feel-good silhouettes that experiment a bit with color and pattern combinations. Wide-legged jeans, bell bottom jeans, or slim fit jeans are all suitable. For this vintage style, you can also wear a denim shirt on top of a T-shirt. A leather jacket is a clever addition as well.
  • Bohemia shoes: Suede shoes are a great way to complement a bohemian look and they help to mix up the textures. They have a subtle feel and show that you are fashion-conscious. Popular 60s shoes, such as leather Chelsea boots, also go well with this vintage look.

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