Choosing Shoulder Messenger Bags for Your 15-inch Laptop

Laptops are valuable and important pieces of equipment, and whether you use it only at home or also take it on the go, a shoulder messenger bag could help you to keep it safe and protected. If you have a 15-inch laptop, you will find that there are quite a few messenger bag options from which you can choose that are an appropriate size. Learning a little more about what you can expect during your search may help you make a decision of which bags might be right for your 15-inch computer.

In what colors can you find a laptop messenger bag?

You are not lacking in different color options when you are ready to choose a messenger bag for your 15-inch laptop. It is possible to find a plain bag as well as those that feature some bold shades and designs. Some of the colors and patterns you may find on a computer messenger bag include:

  • Black, brown, and gray
  • Vibrant colors such as blue, red, purple, and pink
  • Flowers and butterflies
  • Flag-inspired
  • Skulls print
  • Heart print
  • Animal print
Are the laptop bags only carried on the shoulder?

A shoulder messenger bag for your computer can, of course, be carried on the shoulder as the name suggests, but depending on the length of the shoulder strap, they are typically worn across the body as well. Another option may be to carry the bag via a small handle if one is attached. You may also opt to carry it tucked under your arm or in your arms. Depending on the particular bag you are considering, the shoulder strap may be able to be removed and put back on as you prefer.

Does a laptop shoulder messenger bag feature pockets?

Most laptop shoulder messenger bags have one main compartment for the 15-inch computer as well as other smaller pockets where you can store additional items. For example, there may be an outer zippered pocket or two. There may also be inner pockets as well where you can store accessories such as a cord or a phone charger.

In what materials can you find shoulder messenger bags?

A laptop shoulder messenger bag may be comprised of one or more different materials. For example, you might find them made of leather, faux leather, canvas, or nylon. With so many available materials, it can be possible to find a bag that meets your needs.