Funda para Portátil 15 pulgadas Casos

15-inch Laptop Cases and Everything You Need to Know

Whether you are looking for a way to protect your laptop from spills and drops or want a way to carry it on the go, having the right sleeve or case can give you a convenient way to tote your computer while on the go. Carrying cases and sleeves can be fitted for Windows as well as MacBook laptops. Many laptop sleeves come in varying sizes to fit the dimensions of your computer and are measured by the inch.

What are some different bag styles for MacBooks and laptops?

Laptop bags are often designed with black neoprene fabric and come in 15-inch sizes. Some different styles for 15-inch MacBooks and laptops include:

  • Backpacks: These cases are worn on your back and are held by two straps over your shoulders. Many backpacks come equipped with charging ports that allow you to charge a cellular device or an external battery pack. Backpacks are larger in size and house numerous compartments to hold your different accessories.
  • Laptop sleeves: A laptop sleeve is a form-fitted covering often made of neoprene that allows you to insert your 15-inch computer with ease and quickness. The overall design of the laptop sleeve is slim, which allows you to transport the case by itself or in an additional bag bigger than its 15-inch size.
  • Briefcase bag: These cases are bigger than a 15-inch laptop sleeve and have additional compartments to help you organize files and other belongings just as if you were carrying a normal briefcase. The benefit is that you get to not only carry your work, but you also get to store your computer.
Is a sleeve for a 15-inch laptop waterproof?

Some laptop sleeves are designed to be water-resistant in the event of spills or if you need to carry your computer through the rain.

What are some features of laptop cases and sleeves?
  • Straps: Many laptop cases come equipped with one or more straps for transporting on your body. Oftentimes, the briefcase design only has one strap to be worn on or across the shoulder. Laptop sleeves usually are not crafted with straps due to their slim or portable build. Backpacks are often equipped with two straps to be worn on both shoulders to position the case on your back.
  • Padded interior and exterior: Sleeves and cases offer padding to help protect your laptop or MacBook from wear and tear when commuting throughout the day. The padding also offers additional comfort to the wearer of the sleeve to help relieve any pressure or discomfort caused by the weight and position of the case. The padding is often covered in neoprene fabric to aid in its durability.