14 Inch Industrial Concrete Cut-Off Saws

Industrial Concrete Cut-Off Saws with 14-inch Max Blade Diameter

When cement is laid, it is usually permanent. However, there are times when it needs to be cut and removed, such as putting larger windows into a basement. For times like this, industrial concrete cut-off saws with 14-inch max blade diameter tools can be used.

What can you cut with a concrete saw?

This type of saw is also known as a cut-off saw, a consaw, a road saw, quick cut, or a slab saw. It is a power tool that can be used for cutting concrete, tile, freemasonry, asphalt, brick, and other solid materials.

What types of blades does a concrete saw use?

You must have the right blade in order to do the job correctly. The different blades include:

  • Corundum Masonry: Corundum is an extremely hard aluminum oxide. These are not strong enough to cut through a large slab and are better for short shallow cuts.
  • Dry-Cutting Diamond: Dry-cutting blades have a serrated cutting edge. This helps keep it cool while in use. They can make deeper and longer cuts, but they also get hot and create a lot of dust.
  • Wet-Cutting Diamond: These have teeth or a smooth edge. Water is used to cool and lubricate it while in use. These blades make the fastest and cleanest cuts.
How do you cut concrete?

If you have a small task, you can use a circular saw with a diamond or masonry blade. If you are cutting a slab to repair a sidewalk or driveway, it is best to score into the cement about an inch and then use a sledgehammer to break the piece out. This will leave a jagged edge for the new cement to adhere to.

Here are some steps to take to cut out an egress window opening.

  • Measure and mark the opening with a grease pencil. Drill a pilot hole at each corner, then using the pilot holes as reference points. Also, mark the outside wall.
  • Use a dust mask, safety glasses, and gloves when operating the saw.
  • Using a 12- or 14-inch electric or gas saw, cut around the opening, cutting only 1/4 inch around the first time. Make deeper and deeper cuts until you are halfway through the wall. Then repeat the process on the outside.
  • Tap the blocks with a large hammer, starting at the top center, to push the block of cement out of the opening.
  • Chisel the sides of the opening to smooth them.