Protect Your Computer With a 12V Fan Video Card and GPU Cooling Unit

Your video card and graphics processing unit (GPU) need to be protected from excessive heat buildup inside of your computer. That's why case fans and other types of cooling fans were designed for a GPU and a video card. These 12V fan video card and GPU cooling units help to keep the graphics card and even the central processing unit (CPU) of your computer running more smoothly.

What sizes of these items are available?

There are several different 12V GPU cooling fan sizes available for your unit. Each of these items is designed to be compatible with specific graphics cards. The size you need will be indicated on the card before you install it. Some of the sizes available include:

  • 40mm
  • 45mm
  • 50mm
  • 55mm
  • 65mm
  • 75mm

See the manufacturer site for details.

Where does this fan draw its power?

The power supply of this CPU cooling fan comes directly from the laptop or desktop. There is a small wire on the unit that attaches to the proper power connector and allows your cooling fan to draw enough power to run correctly. This design means that you won't have to plug in the fan to an exterior power source to keep your card cool and safe from excessive heat buildup.

What fan types and sizes are available?

Some of these models will use a single-fan design to keep your card cool. However, there are also dual-fan systems available that you can use in your unit. These models are typically compatible with P/P2/H7/J1/J2/J3-Series chassis units.

The fans are typically made out of sturdy steel to increase their lifespan. However, some use aluminum because it cannot rust. The fan blades are generally curved, meaning that other types of computer fans may not work in this unit.

Where are these units installed on a computer?

These fans use a variety of different connectors to attach as close to the video section of your unit as possible. These connectors include multiple types of screws and small bolts. In most models, they are located near the sides of the interior of the operating area. However, some may also be positioned closer to the back of the unit.

Are they compatible with heatsinks?

Heatsinks are compatible with many types of case fans and cooling fans. These items are typically located near the GPU and the card of your unit to make sure that the excessive heat it generates dissipates carefully.

Some of these heatsinks also have a fan that helps to manage this heat problem without difficulty. Like other fans, their power supply comes directly from the electronics of your laptop to keep them running smoothly.