Questions About 1080p Resolution Home Theater Projectors

If you want to project a high-resolution image on your wall at home or on a screen at your conference venue, a 1080p projector might be right up your alley. There are plenty of different projector models to choose from, and here are some of the things you should know about these handy electronics before you make a final decision from the many selections on eBay.

What types of HD projectors are there?

The new and pre-owned projectors in this collection can be divided into two basic styles:

  • Full-size projectors: These types of projectors are relatively large, and they usually look like low, wide rectangles. Full-size projectors can be mounted on the ceiling in your media room, and they can also be placed on flat surfaces. Some of the full-size projectors in this collection come with carrying bags for easy transportation.
  • Mini projectors: Mini projectors are much smaller than traditional projectors. Some of them may even be small enough to fit in your pocket, and the main benefit of mini projectors is that you can place them on your coffee table unobtrusively. Most mini projectors come with carrying cases or bags.
What types of projection technologies are there?

The three main types of technologies that are used in this HD projectors include:

  • 3LCD: 3LCD projection technology is considered one of the most reliable types of projection. Projectors that use 3LCD technology have three LCD projectors that each display one of the three primary colors. These three projection devices overlap to create the various color combinations that are used in images. Projectors that use 3LCD technology are usually quite cost-effective.
  • DLP: DLP stands for Digital Light Processing, and these types of projectors have tiny chips that contain microscopic mirrors. DLP projectors use spinning color wheels to produce images through these mirrors, and these types of projectors are capable of creating super high-definition images.
  • LED: LED projectors use high-intensity light-emitting diodes to create very clear images. LEDs are very energy-efficient, and they last an average of 20,000 to 50,000 hours, which means that they are very low-maintenance. One of the attributes of LED projectors is their color intensity, which outstrips other types of projection technologies. In addition, LED projectors hardly produce any heat at all.
How do you pick the right projector?

Take your space constraints into account; mini projectors may be perfect for apartments or other small spaces. In addition, an LED projector might be the right choice if you want a clear image. Find an affordable HD projector on eBay to complete your entertainment area.

rojector might be the right choice if you want a clear image. Find an affordable HD projector on eBay to complete your entertainment area.